Boom Audio! 30K

device manager

Download the Boom Audio Bluetooth Device Manager to automatically update the latest firmware and device settings.

step 1: download

Download and install the Boom Audio Bluetooth Device Manager on your computer.


Boom Audio Bluetooth Device Manager for Microsoft® Windows 7, 8 series and 10.


Boom Audio Bluetooth Device Manager for Mac® OS X Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave.


The Boom Audio Bluetooth Device Manager for Mac supports the Boom! Audio SPH10 firmware v1.0.1 or later. Please update the firmware v5.1 or the previous firmware v1.0.1 using the Boom Audio Bluetooth Device Manager for Windows. After updating the firmware, you can choose either Mac or Windows for future firmware updates.


Choose the voice prompt language of your choice then download the firmware and update your product with the Boom Audio Bluetooth Device Manager.


Reset your product to factory default setting (refer to User's Guide) and pair your product with your Bluetooth devices again.


User's Guide

Download the Boom! Audio 30K

Product Registration

Owner Information

help desk/forum

The Boom! Audio products were created in partnership with Sena and are equivalent in technology, features and functionality to several of Sena's current leading products. For clarification, please see below for a reference of which products are similar to the Boom! Audio products:

The Boom! Audio 30K Bluetooth Headset is equivalent to the 30K.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Boom! Audio products, please refer to the Sena Help Desk / Forum for the product rated equivalent to your Boom! Audio product based on the above list.

Warranty Service

Sena provides the warranty service ONLY through the vendors where the purchase of the product was made. The RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) process is done from the original store of purchase. Please contact the store where the product was originally purchased from.

App Info

Sena Smartphone App For the Boom! Audio Bluetooth Helmet Headset

Download the Sena Smartphone App on your iPhone or Android smartphone to set up your group and stay connected with your friends. Save time with the Sena Smartphone App and enjoy your adventures even more!

Boom! Audio 30K